Summer Bucks


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It's nice to see David Stretton doing his thing, but that was so 'anti' and inaccurate.
Shame really! :(

Good channel though. :D


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It always will come out wrong when the media gets hold of it.
We could always change our wording at bit
Game=wild animal
Sport/stalking= hunting

Most people think we hunt for enjoymant in the sense of having a laugh at an animals expense. Which is why they like to show some fat red faced chap half drunk filling his face when representing the hunting community.

Hoh Hum



Spoke to Dave last night. He says thats at least four years old and cant really remember it. However he remembers the shot was downhill in strong wind conditions. Its funny isnt it that you can always remember the shot.


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I have done a couple of TV programmes and in both I felt betrayed. They ask you questions that seem odd at the time and you answer as best you can. You later find that they have edited your words and even in the order you said them. I'll never make that mistake again!

Rob Mac

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Is anyone else aware that we are in the presence of a 'celebrity'?

You seemed like such a likeable down-to-earth guy when I met you Beowulf.



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Ohhh he is a celebrity all right. His name is known as far north as Sutherland in Scotland :lol: :lol: JAYB will testify to that.

Actually I will make it known now, that if I may say so (excuse me Steve if I step over the mark) Steve has the makings of a very good stalker, and is a pleasure to take out. He is eager and quick to learn, polite in company, not a pushy sod like some people, has a quick wit, and is modest at the best of times about his abilities. He is also safe and has a deep concern and love for the deer that he hunts.

Steve was with me and some friends last week, and was again given an opportunity which he did not know was coming his way. He handled it very well, as he was in the company of a man who has moved more deer and shot more deer than i have had hot dinners, and he has been invited back, for free!

I hope Steve will be joining me later this year with clients, providing things work out OK with timing.

Now I have embarassed him :oops:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Rob Mac

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That's all very well Malcolm.

But you wait until he starts wanting a bigger trailer and whinging about the Paparazzi. Has he insisted on his own gun-bearer yet? Hair stylist?

It's just a matter to time....


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He is a big enough boy to carry his own bloody gun, and plenty of ammo, sometimes he needs it :lol:

As for his hair dresser, no way, he has more hair round his face now than on his head. You could loose a herd of Fallow doe's in there. :lol: :lol:

I will now await the incoming :rolleyes:


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Have I missed something? :???: Right to get the story straight, I appeared in two programs; 'Lost Gardens' which was a posh garden make over show with Monty Don and a program called 'A place in Greece'.
Lost Gardens was interesting, at the time I was a Lock keeper on the Junction of the Coventry Canal and the North Oxford Canal. They came along and put the 1 acre garden back to how it may have looked in the Victorian era, veg plots, orchards, chickens etc. It was a complete load of Ballacks really! But I got to eat in the catering bus for two weeks and had loads of veg and fruit for a while before I got bored of gardening!
The other program was about two chaps who lived on a boat together but had decided to move to Greece. I did a little bit on the film about canal boats and all that. They needed to get some emails and asked if they could use my computer. I said no problem! The computer was in the bedroom. I saw nothing wrong in this until the program went out.
These two gentlemen were of the 'Judy Garland' persuasion if you get my meaning. They were 'real screamers' and well known in the area. I was oblivious to it. The fact that they were in my bedroom raised some eye brows with the locals I can tell you! :eek:

Ho well we live and learn, I think that I'll regret telling you all that!

Thanks Sikamalc for your kind words. As you know I was rather concerned about the whole situation with being offered free stalking on such a prestigious estate and also worried about making an arse of myself in front of your clients and friends. It was a great experience and I throughly enjoyed Fred's stories of the bad old days when deer were shot as pests with shotguns. He is a real treasure with his trusty ancient Mannlicher and his vast knowledge of the deer and the countryside. A real Gentleman of the sport. I'm looking to do some more writing and would love it get some of his tales down on paper for posterity.

Seeing that lazy journalism on the deer culling video makes me even more determined to get the people of this country to understand and appreciate what we do and why!

PS Rob when next we stalk together I want to shoot only Black Fallow deer not the common ones and afterwards I want only blue M & M's delivered to my dressing room! :eek: :lol:


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You have seen the Hairy Bikers now coming to a screen near you we bring - The Hairy Stalkers. EEEK

The Quest for the Blue Suger Coated Fallow


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Hi Beowulf!
It all makes sense now!
"Think of all the fun you can have by asking people to" Hey smell the end of this!

This product was shown about twelve months ago in the Sporting rifle's 'Whats new section'."

I wondered how you had garnered your wide experience in these matters. It's all clear now!


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Blimey Mr B, I had no idea that a couple of Tu-d Burgalers had been in your bedroom :eek:

I think you may regret letting that one out of the bag :lol:

I know what to get you for your birthday now, a pink dragging harness for Scotland :lol: :lol:

Talk soon mate.