Sunday 12th Aug - No deer movements allowed.

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Is Deer Stalking and Shooting now allowed?

The FMDV Order (2006) requires that in a Restricted Zone, no person shall hold or take part in a stalk and that no shooting of deer shall take place except under authority of a license.

The exception is that the occupier of land as well as members of his household as well as persons employed as beaters as well as a shooting party of no more than 3 persons authorised by the occupier may shoot deer found on that land. However the carcases cannot me moved off the premises.


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Deer Carcase Movements Now Allowed in England
The Deer Initiative after checking the situation with lawyers has asked for
the following be circulated:

Guidance from Defra (FMD Outbreak Wildlife Policy)

The following guidance is only relevant to a RESTRICTED Zone. Specific
guidance for the Surveillance and Protection Zones will be issued in due

1. Treated and untreated carcases of deer killed for human consumption can
be moved off the premises of origin for movement to the game larder and/or a
Game Handling Establishment (GHE) and from any premises through the usual
wholesale/retail premises as necessary to the end consumer. They may NOT be

2. Farmed deer can be sent to approved slaughterhouses. See link for details
on approved slaughterhouses.

3. Carcases and any part of a carcase including trophies not intended for
human consumption cannot be moved off the premises of origin. Please note
this is a change to previous guidance. Further interpretation of the
legislation recognised that treated trophies can be sold but there is no
provision for movement.

4. The FMD (England) Order 2006 (S.I. 2006/182) requires that in a
Restricted Zone, no person shall hold or take part in a stalk except under
authority of a licence from the Secretary of State see Sch.7, para.6.

The occupier of any land as well as members of his household, as well as
persons employed by him as beaters, and any member of a shooting party of
not more than 3 people authorised by him may shoot deer found on that land.
Our guidance is that within these conditions, the number of people should be
kept to the minimum needed.

If larger parties are required, or shooting that does not comply in any way
with the paragraph above, then shooting may only be carried out under an
appropriate licence.

At this time all restrictions in a Restricted Zone are in place and at
present licences are not being granted.

Information Supplied by:
Peter Watson Executive Director, Deer Initiative


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People are posting on other sites that it is now OK to move carcasess but I rang DEFRA this afternoon and the operative confirmed that the advice on the site is still valid. I copied the above directly from the site and therefore I am afraid it is still illegal to move a carcass over or on a public road.

There is a £5000 fine for not obeying the directive and it seems as if the fine will be for both the person moving the carcass and the landowner.

I am concerned as I heard this weekend of people shooting in Scotland and bring the carcasses across the border. There have also been deer shot today in my locality according to informed sources.

This is going to do deer shooting and shooters no good whatsoever and the main reason is down to lack of and poor quality information.
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