Sunday post - stag dies after airgun attack


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that makes me so angry,as in ireland there is so many bxxxxxds that should not own firearms ,words fail me to describe what i think of these people.bring back the cat of nine tails other punishments are not a deterrent any more


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Scumbags and lowlife
the birch is to good for Sh*t holes like this lock them in a cage
and let them starve


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One word………………Sickening…………………. :cry:

Put them in stocks and then we will all form a line and shoot them in the head and eyes with 12ftlb air rifles and see how much fun they think it is then. :evil:




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Just goes to show you that when you lift up a rock anywhere in the UK something crawls out from underneath it. Not many words to descibe people that do this type of thing.

Cowards, wouldnt it be nice to put them up against a Cape Buffalo with their air gun. NOW that I would pay money to see ;)


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I simply fail to see how anyone could do this :cry:
what motivates a person to do this type of cruelty?
It is just so far beyond the comprehention of most right thinking people, for once even I am lost for words