Sunshades for a 56mm Zeiss Diavari a novel solution


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Currently it appears that Zeiss are unable to provide an own brand objective cover/sunshade for the 56mm diavari

By shear chance at the weekend I was cleaning my MK4 50mm Leupold and had to take the sunshade off.

I thought I would try it on my Zeiss and can you belive it but it fits and screws up tightly. So until Zeiss get their act together you can fit either the 2 or 4 inch Leupold sunshade and then fit their excellent range of Allumina screw in filters etc. Or attach a old type Butler Creek or Bushwacker cover.

I hope this is of help to other Zeiss owners.

I will try to take/upload some pictures.

Also a 50 mm Leupold sunshade fits 50 mm Meopta scopes.

The sunshade I used was the post 2004 version 4"



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top tip, I know someone that has had problems also so will be on the phone pronto


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Whoops not used to this uploading pictures lark. Prev picture is my 50mm Leupold sunshade (Leupold 52353) with a Quake Bushwacker flip up cover fitted to my 56 mm Diavari, this pic shows a Ramsbottom clear flip up, No 8 £3.99p fitted.