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Sold: Superb Fully Trained 4yr old Male Drahthaar

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Superb Fully Trained 4yr old Male Drahthaar Available
Further Info PM only or hello@huntingdogseurope.com

Superb Male Drahthaar

Ulf is a true Deutsch Drahthaar, from superb Drahthaar lines, he is very experienced and has a superb nose, he has completed the German hunting test VJP achieving a perfect score card and also the more complex HZP these tests were taken in Germany under close scrutiny from German judges
Ulf also has excellent hip scores and health tests in place
His scores - VJP 70 - HZP 195
Below are brief descriptions of the world renowed VJP and the HZP German testing system, in which only the best compete
Spring Natural Ability Test
This test, usually referred to in the USA by it's letters- "VJP", is a test run in the spring of each year, specifically to test early natural ability tendencies of the dogs. There is an age limitation on this test, that the dogs must have been born in the previous calendar year, or in the October, November, or December of the year prior to that. In other words, the dogs that are 15 months old or younger on January 1 of the year of the test are eligible. This test is intended to be a puppy test.
The VJP is the simplest of the JGHV tests. In it, five abilities of the dog are judged- tracking, nose, search, pointing, and cooperation with the handler. Also, the dogs are checked for disqualifying conformation problems, and may receive marks for 'loud hunting styles', like barking while tracking, or barking while sight-chasing.
Image removed by sender. oaks Verbands-Herbstzucht-Prüfung
Fall Natural Ability Test
This test is usually called the "HZP". It's run in the fall of the year, with the same age restrictions found in the VJP. The intent is to evaluate the dog's natural abilities once more, but with the addition of some obedience and field training. A dog passing the HZP is considered to be ready to take his place as a hunting companion.
The HZP is considerably more complex than the VJP. The predicates are divided into two sections- natural abilities, and trained subjects.
The natural ability subjects are: tracking, nose, search, pointing, cooperation, desire (or 'joy of work'), and water work. Water work includes two subjects- an independent search of a pond with dense cover, and a blind retrieve. The tracking subject involves a hare track. In the USA, this particular item is optional, and usually isn't done. We just don't have the hares like they do in Germany- it would take us all week to test a few dogs. Some test directors have found areas with lots of rabbits, so I'm seeing more tests lately that include the optional tracking phase.
The trained subjects are: retrieve of feathered game, retrieve of furred game, manner of retrieves, and obedience. The feathered and furred retrieves are done in the form of 'drags', where the dog tracks the game a good distance from the handler, and retrieves it to hand. There are no 'marked retrieves' where the dog sees a fall of game, and then does the retrieve- they're all either blinds or drags. The retrieve on feathered game is described in the rules as having three options for it's implementation, but I've never seen nor heard of VDD/GNA doing it in any manner other than the drag.
Obedience plays a large part in tests beginning at the HZP, and continuing in further tests. The dog is expected to walk at heel (not pull the lead), obey with only a single command, and so on.
Each year the VDD organization holds a very large HZP in conjunction with a breed show, called the 'Hegewald'. This is somewhat like a 'world meet' for Drahthaars. Sometimes you'll see scores that say 'Hegewald' near them, this means that the dog achieved that score at the Hegewald test.
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