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Sold: Superb Sauer Model 202 Classic 7 mm Rem Mag rifle.

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This rifle is in a much admired original condition, perfect iron sights, 3 shot magazine, LH Serial No. N71576 and barrel factory screw cut at M14 x 1 NS. I purchased it in 2013 from Steve Beaty, the Sauer Master Dealer at Ivythorn Sporting RFD in Somerset. He'd acquired it preowned from another RFD in the North West. I have only fired circa 20 rounds through it on a range. I have not used it for the original intended reason for purchase of driven wild boar; with no plans of this type now sadly is the reluctant reason for sale.

This rifle comes complete with tooled leather bolt holster.

£1600 ovno PayPal or BACS North Wales

Usual inter RFD legal arrangements apply. Enquiries only on proof of FAC specifying spare slot for 7mm RM rifle or RFD status checks.


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Afternoon krabryn one of my friends who's not on directory is interested in the 7mm could you please pm me some contact details so he can get in contact with you
thanks James Lacey
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