Support Grouse Moors and Grouse Shooting


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Signed, not a grouse shooter but the sport keeps lots of people employed and is worth millions to the countryside economy,

Mr. Gain

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Environmental/conservation claims against grouse moor management are deeply spurious and highly suspect.

If the anti organisations (a list that has for some time included the RSPB) would pay attention to the science instead of spinning falsehoods, initiatives such as the Hen Harrier action plan could be implemented, and the conflict between species protection and sustainable shooting could be resolved to the benefit of all parties... except for those self-same organisations that exploit the rarity of such species for their income and influence.

A thriving lowland population of hen harriers would be an ideal outcome for conservationists and birders alike, but not -it would seem- for those antis who claim to have their best interests at heart.


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I took a look at the "Rewilding Scotland" facebook page at lunchtime and it makes me wonder about the future of society as a whole. One person did comment that the page had started off as a discussion area for improving biodiversity in Scotland but it has been taken over by those with either a political or animal rights axe to grind. Most of the other comments certainly are of that ilk.
It doesn't matter what facts you present to these people, they will only believe what they want to believe. Chris Packham and Mark Avery are demigods in their eyes, the SNH is now part of the enemy and according to them has almost certainly been bought by rich landowners. Even the owner of Feshie Estate (Povlson), lauded by many conservationists due to his desire to reinstate Caledonian forest, is given a hard time on the page simply for being rich and owning lots of land. The politics of envy are strong. The page is worth a visit if you want to become angry or depressed.....
I do wonder whether social media has simply polarized society as a whole, and people simply read the ramblings of other folk who don't know much but hold the same views. Maybe we're even guilty of that on this forum!

Chanty Wrassler

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AFAIK hen harriers predate on smaller bird species and small animals, and their preferred habitat is open country including young forestry. The many national parks, forestry estate, and East Anglian prairies should be teeming with them and they should be regarding the RSPB reserves as Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, and Waitrose all rolled into one. Yet their declining numbers are supposedly due to habitat management by grouse estates? Aye, right.


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Has anyone actually read the petition?

It is a complete embarrassment and makes us look ridiculous in the eyes of our opponents. Think twice before you sign, it might even be a set up by the other side!

okay I have just read it again and it has been edited to correct the errors........