Supporters club prize draw


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Just curious, but is the prize draw based on pulling names out of the hat that have posted recently or logged on? not wanting to sound like a moan but I've been a supporter for a while and used to post quite regular, I then moved away from the UK for a few years, (left my supporter payment running) and moved back and so don't really post much now, but I still have a look every week or so but I realized that when I log in from my work computer it doesn't log me in automatically so I am in theory a guest...does this mean I am killing my chances at getting picked in the draw as in theory I am very rarely logged in through my account and I have never been selected?




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What is my number ?? :cool:
It changes as people join and leave the number of members keeps changing, so as the list either grows or shrinks your position in the list will change and your number will change accordingly.