Supporters club - prizes for 4th quarter


Site Staff
Having just made the draw for the third quarter, it obviously leads us into the fourth and final quarter of our first year which starts tomorrow, three prizes per month.

We have in this forthcoming quarters draw prizes which we hope will appeal to a good cross section of our community.

This time we have an EKA swingblade and a set of Mora boning knives, from mmbeatle.

A matching rifle slip and shotgun slip from Northern Optics.

Finally a Sniper systems swivelling bipod from Monarch Country sports.

So all that is good news, and we are making money for the bursary fund, slowly. This quarters number of supporters has increased, by 5, to 174 an improvement which is good but it is not earth shattering when you consider the amount of people that use the site. Come on people this is less than 50 pence per week for that you get the chance of a prize but more importantly you are helping newcomers in our sport.

There are lots of threads on here recounting peoples generosity in the way they donate to the site by way of helping out a fellow stalker, with stalks, gear, or assistance. Now I know that not everybody is in the position where they can offer that sort of tangible help, but 50 pence a week is not beyond most, so if you want to give a little back become a supporter. It's easy follow the link or just look out for an existing supporter, click on their supporter button and it will take you to the subscription page, you know you want to :)