Survey of Rem 700 Custom Actions


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a Survey of Rem 700 Custom Actions

"For high performance, practical precision shooting — roughly meaning 1,000-yard headshots on command — a good action is machined true and has a few jobs; loading a cartridge, igniting the primer, containing the chamber pressure as the bullet does its thing, extracting the spent brass and ejecting it.It also needs to provide an earthquake-proof platform for an optic, resist movement in the stock under recoil, and enable the bolt to move as frictionlessly in the receiver as we imagine Maria Sharapova’s sweaty thighs move against each other on a hot day at Wimbledon. As you might expect with $1,500 actions, each of the custom actions in our roundup largely excel in these areas. Where they differ is in the way they do so."

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Totally agree that an action probably has little more influence on accuracy than a well fitted stock.

However if you can afford it and you appreciate quality they are the way to go.
The same as having a beautifully figured piece of walnut when a slab of beech would have the same function.


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Interesting, the thought and craftsmanship to make a better Model 700 clone. Just going to a short action with no magazine, like the 40X, provides a lot of stiffness right out of the box. The Model 700 or 40X with a short, heavy barrel in .308 Win with 5R rifling seems to shoot bug hole groups out of the box, for just a shade over $1,100 USD. Same owner reports for the Tikka Sporter and T3 CTR. The heavy actions with small ejection ports on the Steyr Pro Hunter and short-lived Thompson Center Icon are a factor in their accuracy, along with their barrels. A flat bottom to the action makes it easier to bed, too.