Survival training



An SAS unit a Company of PRAS and a few Coppers from the Met go on a survival weekend with Ray Mears.
Your task for this evening he explians is to go into that wood when it's dark catch a Rabbit and come back here and cook it on an open fire.

First up the SAS they creep in silently with thier night vision shortly after a dull Phutt, Phutt of a suppressed rifle back they come with a brace " saw two boss so we took em both out"

Next the Paras - that is when they finish thier Largers in they run Blood curdling screams, flash bangs grenades and all that - back they come with a very mangled and somewhat charred bunny!

Then it's the met. Lots of Charly tango one two four bravas are hear comming over the airwaves then they return. only they bring a squirrel back. No i said a rabbit says Ray! go back and get me a Rabbit. The coppers try to pull rank on him but Raymond aint having it. Go and get me a rabbit or i am on the phone to the Chief constable.

Same sort of thing again and back again with you guessed it a blooming squirrel only this time it looks a little dissressed and it sports a black eye!
Ray says i said quite clearly a Rabbit thats a squirrel you have there - the copper closest gives the squirrel a big nudge and the squirrel perks up "Alright, Alright i am a rabbit"