Sold: SUSSEX - EFAW +F, Sunday 7th July (1 SLOT AVAILABLE)


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Emergency First Aid Plus Forestry (EFAW +F) training course on Saturday 6th July in Dorset, Shaftesbury

Fully certified Ofqual accredited training course only £90 and includes Certification, 2 x Training manuals, Refreshments and a sandwich lunch.

Course covers the EFAW content as well as the additional elements required by the Forestry Commission which includes the additional training:-
Crush Injuries,
Lyme's Disease,
Catastrophic Bleeding (including Chain Saw Injuries and Gun Shot Wounds),
Compression Bandages,
Casualty Evacuation Planning.

The course is delivered by BeSure Training and limited to only 12 places, please follow the link below for further information and to book.

Any questions please contact me.

Book EFAW +Forestry Training in Sussex

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What’s the deal with these certs, how long do the[ stay valid for etc ?
As has been said the qualification lasts for 3 years, they are Fully Accredited and Regulated by Ofqual which not all courses out there these days are. This one is Emergency First Aid at Work +Forestry, so this is a full EFAW and has additional content to cover what the Forestry Commission in 2015 deemed necessary, this included the Catastrophic bleeding element as well as other additional subjects. If you want full course curriculums PM me your email and I can forward you the details.