Sussex Perruque

I was lucky enough last weekend to be sitting in one of my permissions when a roe buck started to walk towards me, first thought was his antlers shouldn't be in velvet , then through the binos it all became clear, a moment to compose myself (as much as I could) the buck walked towards me to within about 30m, bang, neck shot and it dropped to the shot.never expected to see this, let alone get to shoot it...... Last Sunday in East Sussex.

(Its at the taxidermists already). Hope the pictures upload.




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Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I wonder whether he sustained an injury during the rut which interfered with his testosterone levels? We're there any obvious injuries to his back end when he was skinned out?



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Be interesting to know how heavy the head is compared to a "normal" one. Must be a real strain carrying that around all day. Well done on getting him.


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Much nicer to see him fall to the shot of a first stalk, rather than go on the back burner for a wealthy tv chef, a buck of a lifetime for you, and caught before he was unable to see well.


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I don't think it was Linda's first stalk but agree with the rest. The rumour is the chef paid £17000 for that privilege !

1st Pattern Paul

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yes, but just found out the guy I was sending it to stopped doing them last year so need to think who to send it to.
Hi Linda

Firstly, many congrats.
With ref to who to use then I wouldn't consider sending it to anybody else but Bill Bartlett. He is IMO the very best at Roe Bucks. Here is a pic of two he had done recently. One is mine and the other is my friends.

View attachment 74883View attachment 74884



P.S. you can contact him on here.


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He had damage to his left rear leg and obvious testical damage, just a small hard lump.

Perhaps I was close to the mark with my suggestion, although that's the beauty of it when a head like this turns up. We're dealing with wild animals and can only hypothesise or make assumptions when trying to work out how he arrived in that state. All part of the pleasure of stalking for me, I find malforms fascinating.