Sussex Roe With Uncle Malc!!


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Well It all started a couple of months back when Sikamalc called me and Tika308 and invited us both back down to Sussex for an early year stalking weekend. And what a weekend it turned out to be :D :D
Me and Andy travelled down to Sussex friday evening after work & met malc ( and Todd his bavarian) at the B&B about 9ish, Dinner was ready when we arrived, Cooked by malc himself. Fantastic haunch of Roe washed down with beer & followed by a few glasses of port & cheese :D Several drinks and exchanges of various stalking experiences later we finally hit the sack (Not all together i must add) :eek:
The weekend weather looked grim at best but we hoped it would hold out :rolleyes: We woke at 6.30ish & sat with a nice cuppa thinking of the day ahead. Andy said it hadnt rained in the night & as he finished the sentence the heavens opened up :rolleyes: It didnt look good :rolleyes: Loaded up Malcs truck (Pimp my Ride) :D And set off to the stalking ground 5 mins down the road (Still raining) As soon as we arrived it stopped so things looked promising at last :D
Malc showed me the map and pointed me in the right direction and sent me & my steyr on our way to stalk the ground while him & andy set off on the opposite side of the estate to try and get andy his 1st Roe :!:
I slowly walked the ground along the edge of the wood stopping and glassing the land for signs of movement as well as familiarising myself with safe shot areas! I moved along 1 field and didnt see a thing.
I entered the next field from a high point looking down onto open ground with the wind on my face giving me an excellent advantage if any Roe did decide to show up. Glassing the field again i then spotted a fantastic Roe buck that will easily take a medal. If only it was april :rolleyes: I watched him for several mins as he made his way across the field out of sight. I made my way down the field using the wood as cover heading towards some rough ground that looked inviting to Roe. Peering around the edge of the wood i spotted several Roe in the field, After checking them out through the binos i picked a suitable young Roe doe about 100yds off grazing, Sticks up, safety off i sent a .243 on its way. She dropped on the spot. No chance for a shot on any of the others as they had found there way into the wood before i even chambered another round :rolleyes: Gralloch complete i felt my ears burning :eek: thinking back to April last year when me and andy stalked with malcolm, I took a nice Buck that morning & andy had no luck. I thought o no ive done it to the poor Tika308 yet again ;) Hes gonna go mad. Hoping that andy had already had 1 before i did. well the phone rang and uncle malc asked if i had any luck, The good news was swiftly passed onto andy, I heard various words of abuse thrown at me :evil: Sorry andy ;)

We met back at malcs Pimp mobile and set off to the other side of the estate. Malc said we should check a piece of rough ground that the Roe like so off we set. Andy in front & me tagging along with my tail between my legs :rolleyes: We reached the ground but the wind wasnt in our favour this time. Slowly walking across the ground 3 Roe stood up 70 yards away and looked straight at us, Andy had the sticks up rifle ready and sent a 308 towards its target, I watched the roe in the binos & whack, The 308 hit & the roe ran off down the field before dropping another 40 or so yards off. She was down but we couldnt see her. malc let todd off his harness and off he went, Straight to the deer in an area short of where i thought it had dropped. He had done his job well and sat by the roe until we arrived looking very pleased with himslf :D Andy was made up, Absoloutly fantistic, The look on malcs face said it all, He had got andy his 1st roe & his bavarian Todd had done his job and found it. i was pleased as punch as well as all the times i have had andy out on my patch he hadnt managed to down a roe. We set off to the larder then back for breakfast with some fresh kidney for the pan :D

The day was spent chilling out waiting for the evening stalk. We set off at around 3ish and returned to the area where andy shot his roe, We spotted a Doe laying in some stubble along with 2 others in the hedge row, After some thought & encouragement from andy & malc i was challeged to the task of stalking her across the open field :rolleyes: Off i went while andy & malc drove off to another piece of ground. Using the hedgerow as cover i headed down the field to get in a better position down wind from her. 10min later i had reached the bottom but had no safe shot as the dual carriageway would be behind her :rolleyes: I set back up along the hedgrow keeping my eye on her & the other 2 making sure i hadnt been spotted. I had no option but to crawl 100yards across the field to get a shot, wet mud, clay, stubble! It was great :D I stopped 100yds from her as she stood up thinking i had been spotted, I had to take the shot now or she would be gone, Up on my elbows i sqeezed the trigger........................ F**k it i had missed :eek: 5 roe run up the field then down again then towards me, They wasnt sure where the shot had come from thanks to the moderator on my rifle and soon settled again after a couple of mins! They were now 70 yds off and the doe presented herself for a shot again. Squeezed the trigger & the round hit her clean in the ticker. She ran 20yds and dropped stone dead. The others ran down the field & out of sight but i was a happy man :D A text sent to malc to let him know of my luck and my phone rang.......... Malc congratulating me & words of abuse in the background from andy again :evil: That Bloody fester has done it again.
We headed back to the B&B for a shower ready to meet up with Robin & Darren from the site for dinner in the local.
A great meal was had by all & washed down with a few beers and stalking stories between us were exchanged. Its great, we had not met darren before but he is a top bloke & we all chatted as if we had known each other for years. As for robin :D the last time we see him he was a bit worst for wear after downing a bottle of malt at the CLA whilst we sat around Malcs caravan ;) Great bloke with lots of stalking experience.
& a great sence of humour. the evening was spent with Great food, great people with a genuine interest for stalking. Fantastic. its not just about the stalking its about meeting up and making new friends, It wouldnt of bothered me if i hadnt even seen a deer that day let alone shot any :D Thank you gents :D
Andy was invited to stalk with darren the following morning hoping to get the chance at a shot on some fallow. the offer was accepted hoping to get him 2 species of deer in 1 weekend. 8)
That was saturday over with so we hit the sack again.
I will post sundays events in a bit chaps :D :D


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.dont worry malc he must be planning something special :lol: .well done with part 1 of the weekend fester,im looking forward to part 2.its correct what fester says its not just the stalking that made it a great weekend its everything else, great company/countryside/food/accomodation/weather. thanks again to you malc and to you darren and great to see you robin again,sobber this time :lol:.iam really pleased to have shot my first roe thank you.


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Well done Andy first fo many, if anybody was going to get your first Roe Malc would,
good write up and I hope to catch up with all this year at some point


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Dear Uncle Fester what a very nice write up.

I must admit that when I first heard the story, well mostly Andy's, it was when you three gentleman were traveling back to the digs, I must say it has cleaned up ever so well :eek: :eek: I seem to recall it being a bit more colourful :D :D

Well done Nick, I look forward to the second half ;) and where are the photo's?



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sussex roe

Great to see you all on Saturday night.
That was agood write up Nick, just as you told it before, :rolleyes: minus the expletives for the more sensitive of us. :oops: It's great to hear people enjoying the great outdoors, as you have said it's not all about the killing, it's the whole experience.
Once again well done Andy, it's great to loose your virginity, especially when she is so pretty, :D by the way that steak from your Red was delicious, many thanks.
Awaiting the next instalment.


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glad we got that one sorted :lol: .glad you enjoyed the piece of steak robin,
any way i thought i would do a bit towards this great trip to sussex before fester tells you all part 2.
saturday night in the pub whilst chatting darren asked which one of us wanted to go out for a stalk with him the next morning,anyway fester couldnt make is mind up as usual so i decided to go and try and get my 1st fallow,next morning and darren arrived at our digs and after a swift cuppa we were away.telling fester if he shot any more deer he was walking home :lol: .we arrrived at the woodland and set off up a track,on looking into the first field there was a good dozen or so fallow out feeding on rape but darren said we wouldnt get in on them so we carried on down through the trees and up through a valley where we came to a clearing of about 150yrds long out went the mat and i began to wait at the ready in the prone position.after about 20 mins darren who was sat behind me tapped me on the boot to tell me there was a fallow curled up in the grass which we could only see its ears then he saw another then i spotted another,it was a doe with last years youngsters.anyway after been lay there for around an hour darren squeeked and 1 stood up for me but didnt present its self for the shot and you guessed it lay down again :rolleyes: so we had a quick chat and darren stood up and so did all 3 deer and straight away they all bunched together so no safe shot again and then they were off.also whilst we were lay there in wait darren saw a nice fallow buck down to are right and a roe doe walked right past us and never saw us.never mind it wasnt there turn to go yet.but i had a great time thanks again it was then time to go back to the digs and i did a fry up which included some sausages from my red stag its your turn again fester.dont forget more photos ;)


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Well i will get on with the second part of the weekend in sussex with uncle malc. :D
Up nice and early on the sunday morning (Well andy was anyway :rolleyes: )
By the time i was ready darren had arrived to pick andy up ready to take him out on the fallow so after a cuppa we all departed. Andy and darren headed off while me and malcolm headed to the area andy had stalked the previous day in the hope of spotting some of the roe they had seen that morning :???:
Sticks and rifle, todd and malc we set off down the field. All of about 10mins from getting out of the pimp mobile we spotted the first Roe Doe about 170 yards off completely unaware of our presence. Malc waited back with todd while i used the hedge cover to stalk her around the edge of the field. Got to within 70yards, sticks up safety off And the sound of the bullet hitting home rang out across the field, she headed straight into cover but i was sure she would only be a few yards in. Todd and malc walked up behind me and we made our way to the edge of the wood. We both heard the shot impact with a good solid sound indicating a good shot but when we arrived ..........................No deer :eek: Malc sent Todd off and he was off like a rocket straight out of sight :???: We waited then heard todd bark so we made our way to him. He then barked in another area of the woods :???: Then another :???: Malc called him back and when he came he sat down looking at malc waiting for the next command, "Find the Deer said malc" "Find the deer". He was off with us in hot pursuit. Malc said that we had a runner on our hands here by the way todd was behaving. My heart sank, i felt gutted :oops: In all the years ive been stalking i can honestly say that i have never felt regret at taking a shot until this moment. I had F***ked up big style. :oops: :oops: Yes we all do it at some point in our stalking years but i felt disgusted with myself. I will await the incoming now :!: :!:
Another 80 yards into the woods and todd had found the Roe Doe hiding beneath a laural bush. A second shot was needed to despatch the deer. Yes I screwed up on this 1 but todd had done a fantastic job at finding her & i started to feel alot better knowing that she had been found. After inspection the shot had quartered across her body missing the vital organ i had aimed at and exiting through her side far back in the body clipping the intestine & stomach. Not a pretty sight :evil: But she had been found and no deer was lost.
we set off back up to the truck to move onto another piece of ground further up the lane.
Again we set off heading along the wood side. A few roe spotted us from within the woods and were gone in a flash :rolleyes: We slowly walked along towards the bottom of the woodland and malc pointed out a clearing where he always sees deer. I stopped dead in my tracks when i spotted a Roe about 120yards off browsing. back towards us she, with no idea of our presence. I watched her through the binos but she did not present herself for a shot. She then turned & vanished into the trees :rolleyes: we walked towards the clearing expecting to see others but nothing. Then she suddenly appeared about 60 yrds in front again. Rifle up on the sticks i checked again with the binos to make sure she was actually a doe. Waiting for her to turn towards me to get a good look. She definately was :D rifle ready i just needed her to turn broadside on then crack.............!!! No impact sound, No reaction to the shot, Nothing :???:She dissapeared into the woods :eek: I turned to malcolm and we stared at each other in shock........ how could i of missed.....I could of chucked my rifle at her and hit her at that distance. I was shocked. We walked the spot where she had been standing but nothing. Malcolm let todd off anyway and he went running into the trees, A roe bolted 50 yards ahead with todd close behind, we were convinced that was her. We stood calling Todd back and he ran straight past us and as we tuned around there he was sitting beside the Roe doe 20 yards behind us. She was stone dead. bullet straight through the heart. We looked at each other & a look of shock gllomed over mine & malcs faces :D I would of laid a months wages down convinced i had missed it. Malcolm was also convinced i had missed the shot :D
It just goes to show that every shot needs to be followed up even if all parties involved are convinced the shot was missed. To be honest if it wasnt for Todd both deer could of been lost that morning. he had worked wonders yet again.
The only trouble now was explaining to andy that i had shot another 2 deer. I had been warned that i had a long walk back home to Derbyshire if i shot anymore :D :D
To sum it up we all had a great weekend in great company despite the Cock up shot on the sunday morning by myself :oops:
Thanks again malcolm for a great weekend stalking & i have a big juicy bone for Todd when i see him next.
I will post the other pics up in a bit.