Sussex Roe With Uncle Malc!!


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Nice write up Nick, I must confess I was wondering if there would be any tidying up of the account of the day, but no all credit to you the article is just how it was related to me, before you were home I might add :D :D

Nice to see you were back in action and got another deer in quick succession to the first, which would have been enough to put a lesser man off for a bit, shaken his confidence. A good example for less experienced and a fine example of telling the story, warts and all.

That's enough of the nice stuff :eek:



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Thanks mate, Good chatting to ya in the car with malc and co :D
Thought i would tell the story as it is, We all make mistakes sometimes & im not scared to admit when i do it :oops: Its a lesson learned the hard way unfortunately :rolleyes:
Was a great weekend tho & was pleased as punch that andy got his 1st roe. We will be up your way in october with malcolm so a few drinks will be in order i think :D


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what a great and honest account
well done for telling the truth, every body messes up eventually :lol:
really liked the story of how Todd found 2nd deer on sunday morn
really brought a smile to my face ;)
glad you all had a cracking time
thanks for sharing that with us all