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Had a good look at that page and could not see any prices listed. I k ow its varia le depending g on age and spec but what sort of ballpark are you looking at?

Roughly 9-10k including undersealing and mph dash. You'll see that there are prices on the sold listings. Not for everyone but they come from Japan with no rust and low miles - pretty amazing to see.

Heym SR20

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If you live in the London Low emission zone, I think you might find a Jimny will cost you quite a bit in terms of parking charges etc etc. Alternatives would be the Fiat Panda 4x4 which a bloody brilliant little vehicles, or a 4x4 Car or Van such as the Subaru, Skoda Yeti, Renault Kangoo, VW Tiguan etc. Put good tyres on these and they will go pretty much anywhere, still be good on the emissions side of things and much better on the run out to your shooting grounds. If you don't want to put nobblies on, then carry a set of snow chains - they work very well on slippery muddy type conditions.

As for getting big deer out and back to the yard - a rack on the tow bar is the way to go.


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I finally located one of the very few "New" commercial models, so I am back in a Jimny again, I always owned Land Rovers of one marque or another, but I would not have outdone a Jimny off road. my new one .. (The actual one).
Any pics and what was the cost please?


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Is it true that they come with a free 12v hair dyer that plugs into your cigarette lighter as part of the mobile hairdresser's kit?


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Well then, I showed this thread to my beloved, the love of my life, my one, my all and she expressed great surprise that anyone would doubt her ahem, the Jimny’s abilities. Bless.


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You will find that a Defender 90 beats the Jimney when it comes to ground clearance and approach/departure angles.
Shame is that is never used to advantage, as the Jimny is always four fields ahead, Plus even with the size of the Jimny being on the small side, my elbows stay dry in the rain,:lol: (Ex Land Rover owner of thirty years experience),

pete evans

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check the ball joints for grease. I had this on both my front ball joints. Problem was the king pin bearings wearing out and the oil seal on the axle leaks. Two garages I went to were not keen to do the work so I did them myself. I really liked my Jimny but it was a little small for other things I used it for. As a shooting/stalking vehicle it was ideal.
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