Swallow nest and unlucky fledgling

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Swallows have built a nest in our newly finished carport and have hatched 4 youngsters that seem to have inflated fairly rapidly :)
noisy little beggers and they **** all over my car ...

this morning on the way back from the dog walk I spotted on sitting on the ground next to the car....lookslike it either got bumped out by its siblings or it tried to fly too early.
Currently keeping an eye out for the local feline population as I'd like this one to make it if it can.
Parents seem to be still feeding it on the ground which is a surprise

so what odds on it surviving ? I dont think trying to re-install it in the nest is a good idea :cry:


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Agreed not to put it back in the nest, but you could help it out by putting it up off the ground somewhere near by the nest, at least it might not get got by the cats......


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I'll see how it does during the day as it made an attempt to get off the deck up to the gutter...almost made it too...
if come teatime its still on the ground I'll see about mounting some sort of rescue and placing it up in the rafters for the night.


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I made the mistake of putting a blue tit chick back in the nest once, the mother never came back and the rest died


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We have some under our stable roof and they fall out all the time i have put a couple back in every other day and it doesnt make any difference as they get bigger they must jostle for space or roll over and 1 falls out


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success for the fledgling!!!!
I was standing nearby (checking the local cat population wasnt sniffing around) and it was able to fly up into a nearby small tree.
much improved effort from this morning's rather pathetic fluttering :D
looks likely to survive without any rescue/intervention


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Good stuff. Glad to hear the bird ok.

We had some blackbirds nest in our woodstore this year. They're common round our way, were noisey and sh*t everywhere. Nevertheless, I got quite attached to them and was a bit sad when they flew the nest.


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so far 3 successful survivors fully fledged from the original count of 4
(no idea where the 4th went but the original one that flopped on the deck def survived :))


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Lucky bird!

My wife thinks that we are a strange bunch - we have no problem shooting things, but we will quite happily do our best to protect a fledgling frkm harm, take injured wild animals to the vet and not kill spiders!


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The phrase your wife should "hear" is harvest, not kill.

Vegetables are harvested, fruit is harvested, the Lamb/Beef/Chicken/Pork she is content with is harvested.....

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