Swallow, Swift and Martin watch!


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Was up at Perth at the weekend and saw my first Swallows and House Martins, they were beginning to nest, but still a bit slow around this bit of Ayrshire...


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Pair house martins prospecting close to bedroom window, tried last year fell down, main body now here and build under eves next door and it’s all go!🙂


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There’s no messing with Swifts, they seem to appear one day on mass and leave in a similar way!!
“Righto you lot, off we flip”


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After having seen good numbers of swallows arriving during April and May I was becoming despondent of 'ours' returning. Then, at 11.10 this morning the first pair arrived, 6 weeks later than usual ! They have never before been this late. About the place had seemed 'empty' without them and I now go about in a much 'happier place' than a week ago ! 😊


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View attachment 221203 View attachment 221204 Our second brood in the front extension exited the nest yesterday when I looked in. I think there are five in total but hard to tell as they are flighting in and out.
I was a bit worried they might not do all right as the days are closing in but they seem to be doing fine.
All of the nests up the farm are empty now and the place is a bit empty.
I saw a family group of swallows on a wire this morning on the Lairg to lochinver road by Benmore, there were a few martins flying about also.

I will wait till they head off completely before I get cracking on getting the rest of the job done.

A follow up from last year when the swallows were nesting 2nd brood in the front extension.

Earlier this year I got windows organised and things are wind and watertight but I thought, if the swallows come back they will be a bit miffed that their latest residence is out of bounds.
I decided to make some nest supports from some cuttings of larch and put them up in the outer projecting section of roof and when I was at it I took the old nests carefully down and placed them in the new supports.

The swallows have been back for a good few weeks now (one pair in the bird hide already) and tonight when I was cutting the grass ( it didn't rain till I was almost done thankfully) there were a pair of swallows in and out attending to one of the nests in the new larch supports.
Fingers crossed they will use them.

The starlings fledged the brood in the big box above my shed and the blue tits in the box by the kitchen window are going back and fore with caterpillars continually.
Another brood of blackbirds lurking about in the stick shed also.

The weather has been grim for May but hopefully it will improve.



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