Saw lots of these on the wire first thing this morning just thought that they were ready to go home had some cool nights here in Northumberland hope not to soon


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I saw the same down in Devon two weeks ago, all looking like they were thinking of returning to warmer climes. Feels more like mid september down here at present.



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Norman Number 3 of this year's orphaned house martins is now fledged and gone, and the last broods in the nests should be airborne any day now.


I'm expecting any morning to head outside and find that it has all gone quiet.


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I saw lots on wires last week all ready to go, our swifts went weeks ago just a few swallows and martins to leave, it feels v autumn like now.



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Hi All,
All the Swallows gone from the farm behind mine since last week but there are still a good number and some House Martins at a site I am working at near Nigg in the Highlands.
I saw a single Swift with them on Tuesday 13th which I thought unusual as they are normally gone by the end of August.




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Plenty of swallows/martins here still.saw mandarin ducks being terrorised by 2 peregrines, one of them took a pheasant poult.Osprey was about as well yesterday.