Swanndri shirts


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Aren't these really expensive these days for secondhand clothing ? I bought a used over shirt off a member here for about 40 quid some time ago, nice comfy bit of kit. But if you look on ebay some old moth eaten ones are going for 60 plus quid. Mostly coz they are original New Zealand made shirts.

surely the current ones assembled in China to New Zealand spec, or however they are termed, are just as good?? Or not??

any thoughts? Anyone got one in large for sale??

jimmy milnes

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Not as good, there sales in NZ have collapsed since they went to China.
That's not necessarily due to poor quality of the units though Taff as if you know anything about kiwis it's that if it ain't made there they ain't happy ''not that that's a bad way to look at it'' kiwis are very much the way we should be make it at home and keep the kiwi economy alive


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I have to agree , kiwi,s love to support there own grown industry, but the quality of gear has dropped, whether this is down to cost cutting I don,t know.