Swap Stalking for Days Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout ?

Welsh Guy

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Fancy a day’s guided fly fishing for some of the best wild brown trout this country has!

I am a novice with an FAC a 243 and desperately wants to get some shooting under his belt, SO this may be a long shot But if you’re willing to travel to some of the best wild brown trout water in the UK located near Abergavenny, I will give you a day’s fly fishing and act a guide should you wish and let you have use of a suitable rod, reel, line, files, and if your feet fit you can even use a pair of my Waders!

I have been fly fishing for the past 33 years so I might be able to give you a few pointers, put you in the right place and do everything bar cast for you to help you catch a great trout. I can’t guarantee a fish but I can guarantee a great day on a superb river in the foot hills of some stunning scenery.

If you want I can arrange local accommodation PLUS there is a great restaurant walking distance from the river.

Now for your part I can grant you all this free of charge provided you can help me on my quest for a day’s shooting. I have BASC membership and shoot regularly at my local rife range plus do some rabbiting by day and night, all I want to do is get started if you can help.

I know there is nothing free in this life and probably not in the next either So If you are a fly fisher I can put you on some great water, If you’re a novice then I can help get you started. Just drop me a PM and I will arrange the dates and details and talk you through what I can help with.

Yours in hope That Welsh Guy.

See pics and video on my profile if you wish


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Monkey Spanker

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Hey Welsh Guy, Nice Avatar! But can he shoot?:lol:
Your deal sounds good mate as decent fly fishing can be as hard to come by as stalking and it's another similar sport where you really need guidance to get started. I'm sure there will be someone eager to try it if they haven't already. Sadly I can't help, but I wish you luck on what sounds like a good exchange!


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Nice post.

The sporting swap you suggest is a smashing idea. Unfortunately I am a novice also, so can't help.

Best of luck with it and I hope the idea of "Sporting Swaps" catches on.



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If you have some sea trout I may be able to help you out. PM me if you are interested.