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jimmy milnes

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Anyone used this ?
Reason form my ask is because I've been out today doing some long range balloon bashing and using the 123gr bullets in my 6.5x47 I needed 12 click's on my Swaro to hit the 4in balloon at 330m. Now I'm home I've had a play on the app and it's saying that that would make my 18in barrel be pushing the bullet at 950ish mps
Surely to God that's got to be wrong !!!
Don't have a chrono so can't check
Does anyone find the app accurate ?
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I use it. Works for me.

only issue i have is since its last update it knows you are in the UK due to iphone language settings and only gives distances in M and not Yds. Didnt do this before the app was updated a few months ago.

For my set up (.270 with 130gr) with zero at 100yds, i use 3 clicks for 200yds, additional 6 clicks for 300yds and additional 8 clicks for 400yds.


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I use it too and works spot on, need to chrono speeds though! A quick look on the web and I can see some pushing 123g with RL15 to around 3050 fps guy was using 25" barrel though! How hot you running your loads?
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I've used it in conjunction with my .308 wearing a Z4i with the 4A-300I reticle and at the two ranges I've shot/zeroed it at so far it's bang on.

I'm using the ranging capability of the scope slightly differently to the one that it's primarily promoted for - I zero at 100m for the dot and main crosshair, then find that the next stadia down is good for 150m, the next for 200m, and no reason why the lowest won't drop them in at the calculated 300m (if ever required).


No chrono but entering the book values and QuickLoad projections have put it right on the money.

I like the reticle it's not cluttered and good for stalking ranges, and the ballistic app in conjenction with it (it's pretty much fully customisable for your particular circumstances) - no faffing around adjusting turrets etc.
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