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Sold: Swarovski 8x56L Habicht

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Swarovski 8x56L Habicht Kurz £500.00 plus P&P

4 Reticule
30mm tube
8 x magnification, 56mm objective lens
PF - German manufacturers nomenclature for fixed magnification (always 8 in this case)
L means Light Alloy
Kurz means its "short" (length only 337 mm)

It has been looked after meticulously and and is extremely good condition. No scratches or marks on the lenses. One scratch on dial cover of 2mm. See photo

The light gathering qualities of Swarovski have to be seen to be believed. This scope allows you to see through thicket with such clarity that movement stands out. It is especially evident at dawn and dusk.

Includes Warne mounts and Bases (for Sauer 202) rubberized scope covers, manual in 5 languages and original box.

Scope - 3.jpgScope - 4.jpg Scope - 1.jpg Scope - 2.jpgScope - 5.jpgScope - 6.jpgScope - 7.jpgScope - 8.jpgScope - 9.jpg
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Irish Bob

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If you put the first four digits of the serial number up it will show the date of manufacture. First two plus 1930 is the year. Second two week.

Nice scope one by the way.

keith rippin

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Swarovski AV 8x56L

I have asked the weight of this scope but I see that the serial number has been erased in the photos - please explain why as I an interested in the scope-


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It's standard practice on the internet to not display serial numbers of any item for fear of misuse eg bogus claim, counterfeiting etc.


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I have been away. Unsure of the weight but will weigh it at the weekend. Serial number hidden to avoid being caught out by insurance fraud as the scope was registered with Swarovski at purchase.
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