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Sold: Swarovski EL 8.5 x 42 Binos NON range finder Lifetime Warranty model.

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m not doing the stalking I was and have decided to sell off a few of my toys.
Will add pics later, very nice pair of Crystal clear used binos, not going to say they are perfect, they were used for stalking, but they are in very good order. Lenses are good

Be aware they are proper EL's these are not the later Range Finder model.

I looked at rangefinder model but they in my opinion were not as sharp to my eyes so I bought these.

They were purchased from Countryman in Derby, few years ago, have been humming and arhhing
wether to let them go or not.

These are the last of the true lifetime warranty Swaros so if there is ever any problem will be fixed at the factory by them.

They come with the original box and all the bits and bobs, the only thing missing is the original carry strap, which is at my mates house in Ayr and can be sent on at some point.. with being ill not fetched it.. he has offered to post directly to the buyer.
However it is not here now so I have reflected this in the price and deducted it from the value.

Pictures will be posted later..

I will post at the buyers risk via UPS which ard very csreful and reliable couriers,
But would prefer cash pick up so you can check them out properly make sure you are perfectly happy.

Looking for as close to £975 as poss cost me an awful lot more
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Do you have the ocular lens covers, or are they on the carrying strap at your friends?

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