Swarovski Good Service


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About 2/3 weeks ago I had real problems with my Custom Rem 700 in .243 Ackly Imp, she has been such a dependable rifle & earns her keep 2/3 times a week-however I missed a deer cleanly which was a real sitter at pretty close range so thought I had better check her out.

The zero was about 18 inches out & I could not understand it as she had not been dropped or anything, anyway to cut a long story short after much testing & lots of amo it was put down to the scope as the mounts were find & there was no bullet touch in the Mod.

No matter how I tried she still kept wandering so I took the scope off & dropped her into the local Swarovski agent & she went back to Austria & was back repaired & serviced free of charge within 14 days which I thought was pretty good,

I managed to get her bore sighted & re zeroed today & she is once again back to her old self with touching groups again-she has gota get out & earn her keep again next week.

Thanks to Swarovski & their flawless quick service.

Regs Lee


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They just listed it as replaced faulty component parts & I have to say that I was happy with the service, my buddy in the Gun Shop in Southampton said that they have also sent back a Keupold VXIII to the states & it has been gone months & is still not back yet.

Regards Lee