Swarovski Habicht Binoculars


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I've got these in the green ribbed finish, bought in the late '80's. They are bulkier, but much the same weight as the roof prism type. Very clear too, with a better binocular separation allegedly.
Having got a duff left hand from a stalking accident, these are much easier to grip particularly with gloves on.

Pine Marten

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I have the Habicht SLs. I don't know what SL stands for, but I think they're the same mechanically and optically but with a smooth rubber casing. They're excellent and I paid £300 for them on eBay. I don't need anything else, frankly.



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My Habicht 7x42 SL's are still serving me well even in the face improved glass/coatings/mechanicals etc.
If memory serves me they were around 600£ when first became available and came with a 25(30?)yr warranty.
If needed swarovski still replace the rainguard/objective covers and will service as necessary - had mine done a couple of years ago and came back as new (not that I had abused them) for nowt charge.