Swarovski Habicht Nova 2.2-9x42 Turret adjustment


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Hi guys,

First post here so please be nice ;)

I've got the above scope and have been told that i can adjust the turrets so that on zero the thin line on the turret lines up with the front.

Unfortunately i don't know which screw to adjust. when rotating the turrets the middle screw rotates with the clicks. But i'm thinking the smaller flathead screw allows me to spin the dials without making any click adjustments?

Can anyone with a similar scope please comment to help me out (last thing i want to do is unscrew something and cause damage)

Many thanks

dave 67

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If IIRC you unscrew the little screw then that let's you move the bottom black plate round to line things up,then re tighten to lock the bottom plate in place.


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Thanks for this. Well the reason it wouldn't work is that the thread was damaged on the silver bit in my picture above. :( Quick email to swarovski and they said they'll send the new bits out! Great service.

Now just another small question. Any idea what the adjustment is? 1cm at 100m?? 1/4inch at 100yards?