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Does anyone have any experience with the Swarovski Laser Guide 8 x 30 Rangefinder. I cannot find anyone in my area that stocks them so I cannot easily assess them.
They claim to be good binos and rangefinder but I wonder if the objective lens is a bit small for morning/dusk spotting.
Any comments appreciated


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I think I should have bought one of these as the Leupold I have is pretty poor optically. In the scheme of things,the swarovski doesn't cost that much more,and they obviously don't produce their kit in China!!
So better value for money from the swaro I think.


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I have one which I like a lot. Optics are excellent. Range finding is amazingly accurate.

However, if you are planning to replace your bins with these, I have a couple of minor criticism's. The depth of view is a bit "flat" - obviously due to it being monocular rather than binocular. The best way to explain this is that when I got it I was using it to range individual bullocks (cattle - no jokes) in the field behind my house. There were two beasts on the other side of the field which looked through the LRF to be standing side by side, but when I ranged them one was 210 yards and the other was 250 yards, obviously 40 yards behind the other.

The 30mm lens will fail long before (15-20 minutes??) a Swaro or S&B 50mm scope.

I am blind in one eye, so for my purposes it is excellent, if I had two working eyes I would carry Bin's.


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Thank you all for the input, I guess I need to make up my mind that I really need a range finder or spend the money on a set of s/h Swarovski/Zeiss or Leica bins !


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Considered buying the Leica Geovid and Vectronics LRF's before deciding that the Laser Guide was for me.

I use them every week (and have done since they were released in the UK maybe 5 years ago?) never let me down except in mist or really heavy rain when the beam will not penetrate - like any other device.

I dont carry binos and find the Laser Guide will do everything I want in a small handy to carry and reliable package.

Mine are used for foxing, stalking, vermin control and the odd UKD competition.

If you cannot locate a pair locally try Mcleods of Tain, they offer reliable mail order service.


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Bottom line is a difference of £1000 between a Leica/Zeiss bino/rangefinder combo than this.

I find this perfectly adequate. Put my money in the scope.

The "last 10 minutes" in my opinion isn't worth it on the binos. If I'm "struggling" to see it I really don't want to be chasing a crap shot.

I see, I choose, I hand off to rifle/scope.

The decision to shoot is then made.

Spend, spend, spend on the scope, but to spend the same on a set of bino's....

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