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has anyone had any recent experience of how long swarovski take to do repairs to scopes sent mine to the factory in absam two weeks ago and havnt heard anything back from them yet bit of a pain being without it


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Sent one off for a full check-over prior to offering it for sale recently; 2 weeks turnaround.

the scudd

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they usually send you a confirmation slip, give them a bell they will sort you out. last time i had a problem with my bins i asked how long it would take to fix as i needed them, the lady said she could send me a replacement pair. great service


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Ive heard from others that their service is second to none have emailed them friday but will call monday a bit worrying I havnt heard from them direct


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Same as above , my scope went back for repairs 14 days later it was back on the rifle . Last year the el's went back for a badly needed service , again two weeks they were back looking and working like new . Their after sales are legendary ..


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Hi, Two/three weeks that was sending down south they then sent it over for repair. Received bill for repair no charge then scope appeared next day fixed and refurbished. Great service.


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It took about three weeks for my spotting scope to get serviced and returned, but they were in contact much quicker than that. I got a phone call describing the work required (basically an internal clean, since the spotting scopes are not gas tight) so that I could agree to it. I'd call the UK service centre contact - they are very helpful.

I looked back at where I sent mine to. The address is:
They will forward any item on your behalf to their servicing division in Austria and keep in contact with you. Their e-mail address is:
Telephone number: 01737 856812
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I've just contacted the UK side of Swarovski and have been quoted a turn round time of 4 to 6 weeks !!
I need mine for the 22nd November :(


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My god this web site is really on the ball.
As a result of my tale of woe I have been contacted by a very generous member of the site and offered the loan of a lovely piece of kit to tie me over.
I have however decided to buy a spare 'scope to prevent me from getting in such a position again.
I have my eye on a Vortex low powered red dot site, a bit shorter than my Swaro but twice as heavy, of Chinese origin so probably made from bits of a melted down cruise liner :)