swarovski vs premier reticles


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Hi all thinking of buying one of these scopes,
swarovski z6i 5-30-50 BT 4A-1
premier reticles 5-25-56 tactical

what i would like to no is witch one is the best scope and why,
all help appreciated thanks in advance.



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the answer as to which is the best wll depend on what you want the scope to do ...
Given the nature of the forum its reasonable to assume deer stalking but some background to why you have picked these two will allow posters to give a more detailed/foccused appraisal of what they'd recommend and why thats relevant to you :)
tbh I like Swarovski as a/ the lenses are fantastic even though I hate the Z look and B/ its abtter known brand and might be easier to resell with potentially better value retained?


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I would think swaro way lighter and not as bulky, optically swarovski will take some beating


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I use that swaro for stalking and foxes and the only thing I will say with the reticle is its very thin. I had a non illuminated version and didn't get on with it at all as I used to loose it in low light or under the lamp on dark backgrounds. However I swapped it for the illuminated version and its a cracking scope nice and light and compact versus some of the competition as well

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I think you've made the right choice. I wouldn't fault the PR scope on quality, but it's not really designed to do what you want it for.


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When in doubt.... Swarovski, they simply can't be faulted for build quality, glass quality or back up should you ever need it.