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hi everyone can anyone give me any hands on information on the swarovski z6 illuminated scope ie is it worth the money, or is it to much scope. As i do alot foxing and a fair bit of stalking and trying to get more into boar i know it is alot of pennies but always wanted an illuminated so is this the one? Please any veiws or if anyone has one what are the pros and cons? many thanks stone

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Hi Stone,
I have just acquired a brand spanking Swarovski 6-18x50 AV after much deliberation and running back and forth between Zeiss and Swarovski. It is a fantastic scope with unsurpassed clarity. I am a very happy man. Frankly, if you really really want it and you know its going to be worth splashing out that little extra, go for it. Life’s too short. Anyway if you don’t spend it on the scope, the money will just whittle away into general living costs!

ps. I looked at the Z6 at the midlands and was very impressed didn's see the illum version though.
best of luck


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swarovski z6

cheers for that 2428 i too saw them at the midland and was so impressed at the illuminated one that i started saving the pennies it is just thinking of all the stalking i could buy but as you say if it is what i want and think it is worth it then i should go for it as it will be part of the kit for a good many years many thanks stone


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where are you thinking of getting it from ?
i can recommend R.McCleod & Son of Tain phone for best price !
just bought a 8 x 50

Good deals nice man!


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z6 illuminated

hi splash congrat on new purchase 8*50 r a nice piece of kitt. i hav a mate who has just started up a shooting and clothing shop so when i told what the sportsman had offered me one at he said he could beat it so fingers crossed aye , sportsman where £1350 so who knows, thanks for the other contact they were not even on my mind yours gratefully stone


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I bought a 2.5-10x56 Swarovski sight ( just the normal one) I use it on the works Sako .22/250 which we use for foxing.

With the optics and clarity being so good, when I go out at night, I find I only need a small amount of light from the beam for lamping.

But the only down side is the price, but they hold the price very well. I paid £970. 7 years ago, and the price is about the same today.

The pro - is the guarenttee you get with it, far better than any other optic, I think it would be a lifetime one.



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hi bb finaly got some decent prices on an z6i york guns and llitts being the cheapest by £85 but neither had got any 6-12 weeks waiting list everyone else would not put a timescale on it so pretty peeved
yours p****doffadly stone
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