Swazi gear...


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Got a Swazi Tahr smock, had it for 7 years now, excellent on the open hill, lack of pockets can be a bit of a pain! bit warm to wear on lowland ground, very light, worth the money.



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My coat is about 15 years old and is still going strong :)
Its strong, lightweight and silent.
I wish I'd bought 2 or 3 !!
Regards. Phil


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many thanks. just watching a program about a guy living with a pack of wolves in north, way north, canada... cannot see what he's using! i have old scandi field coat(s) with goretex... soak up the rain and get too heavy... Blatting at birds obviously diff to sitting in a bog or crawling thru one. Harkila pro-hunter pants, great kit but blooming pricey!


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I did find my Tahr smock very warm, I also found that although the cuffs were tight and supposed to be waterproof if you wore a cotton top underneath the water would soak throught the cuff na up your sleeve. Good hood for a shooting jacket also.
I have the Tahr jacket, several fleece bush shirts, a couple of the micro t-shirts, the micro driback pants, a couple of hats......yes, I like it.

I find it hard to fault their kit and their customer service is excellent. Have to pay import duty 75% of the time, but even so it's still great value.

Join Club Swazi and they'll send you a NZD 20 voucher on your birthday.


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It good stuff, I got the most of my gear when I was over there. The exchange rate was in our favour so it was cheap to buy. Not sure I would buy it at the UK prices.


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I wish I had bought the Tahr XP long before I did as its a much improved design with the chest pockets over the older model.
I wouldn't be without it. Just a baselayer underneath when its warm and I never have "boiled in the bag" and I do run hot.

I also own a few other items & the Nahanni fleece smock is another brilliant item. Great for cold fresh days or under the Tahr when the weather is really crap of sitting in a highseat.

The Bush pants are very hard wearing and quick drying, as are the Micro dry backs, but the only criticism of the dry backs is they are a bit noisier than the Bush pants due to the liner on the seat and it does annoy me a little when stalking, otherwise, first class products.

Think I'll treat myself to the Wapiti jacket later on in the year but I can only say positive things about Swazi