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Hi all

Anyone on here use a Swazi Tahr Anorak for stalking/hunting in general :confused:

If you do what is your opinion of this piece of kit :confused:

Do you know who sells them in the UK, apart from bloody Ray Mears :confused:




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I have had one of these for years now and use it most weeks stalking and mountain walking They are the best coats i have every uesd and have never let any weather in even on the west coast of scotland where it never stops raining.
Thar is the man to pm he would know where to get one I think.

Chris Rob

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As far as I know Swazi don't have any international distributors. :(

But you may be able to order from one of their NZ distributors





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I've ordered stuff from Swazi in NZ. They provide a good service. But there prices are in US Dollars


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I bought my swazi kit from the ray mears web site
The ray mears swazi has an extra pocket and extra bullets loops and better cuffs i bought the bibs before autmn and there top class the ray mears ones have better knee patches too


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Have just got my second order from Swazi. Still great gear and its now priced in NZ dollars.


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Check that the exchange rate to NZ Dollars is the one that you will actually pay, me and my mate just bought three Swanndri garments direct and to be honest we hardly saved anything on the UK price because my bank charged me a completely different (and much higher suprise suprise) exchange rate than the one advertised. Still great gear though. Another vote for buying from the Ray Mears team (if you want the special version Swazi) excellent service. JC


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I've had a Thar anorak for about 18 months.
I've used it in a lot of different conditions and I think it's the dogs.
Totally water proof, light enough to use in summer, layer up to use in winter.

The swazi website is extermely good, I have used them for all my gear and I have the Thar anorak, two micro fleeces, one thick 3/4 length fleece, a pair of over trousers and the severn top (wind stopper fleece).

Buy one you wont regret it.