Wanted: Swedish Ajack 4x90 Scope.


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Here some info, very expensive though. Made in Berlin not Sweden.
Zielfernrohr aus dem 2. Weltkrieg eingesetzt von Scharfschützen
auf z.B. Mauser Karabiner K98
Hersteller A. Jackenroll optische Anstalt Berlin
Optik 4x90 mit Aufschubschlitten D.R.G.M. gemarkt
Die Optiken sind frei und sauber (44 mm & 38 mm), mit originalem Lederschutz
Länge 280 mm
Guter bis sehr guter gebrauchter Zustand. nur einfache Alters.- bzw Gebrauchsspuren
Gewicht ca. 600 g

Rifle scope from WWII used by snipers
on e.g. Mauser karabiner K98
Manufacturer A. Jackenroll optical institute Berlin
4x90 optics with D.R.G.M. marked
The optics are free and clean (44 mm & 38 mm), with original leather protection
Length 280 mm
Good to very good used condition. only simple signs of age or use
Weight approx. 600 g

Fosbery Holster

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Thank you for your description and information Bavarianbrit.

I am aware of the manufacturer of this particular scope and its heritage, it was a case of trying to define it more with the Swedish connection rather than just advertise for a Ajack 4x90.

The Swedish connection is that the particular scope l seek has the Swedish Crown stamped onto the elevation turret (left hand side) along with the year it was taken into service (1941 or 1942) hence as my inept Wanted add shows it’s difficult to give a more precise description, but again thank you.

And thank you Admin for your help.
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