Wanted: Syndicate or lone Stalking opportunity.


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Stalking Wanted:
I have been a stalker for thirty years or more. I have tried to absorb as much info and experience along the way and loved every minute of it. I endeavour to take knowledge from all area's.... which have included keeper friends, deer managers and syndicate members alike. Listed below are my more formal qualifications, all of which I have also enjoyed along my journey, which has included deer management on many large estates.

DSC 1 (June '98)
DSC 2 (May '02)
Lowland Deer Management (Sept 2001)
LANTRA HAD (June '15)
Gralloching and Carcass Handling, FC Thetford (Dec '14)
Stalking dedicated 4x4. Raised suspension, front winch, roof work lights front and back, demountable gralloch hoist with rear electric winch.
Stalking dog (Weimerana)


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Oh yes..... Thanks SS..... I am located in the South/South East, so that area but obviously don't mind reasonable travel distance