Syndicate place wanted

I'm interested in a syndicate place. I live in Northern Ireland and so, clearly, first choice would be somewhere in Northern Ireland: but I've never heard of a deer syndicate here. Second choice might be somewhere in the ROI but, again, this seems unlikely.

So, it may be a long shot but is there anyone out there with an open syndicate place in NI, ROI or in Scotland within, say, an hour of the ferry ports area. Clearly the costs involved in time off work, ferry (£150+) and accommodation mean I'm likely to be a very occasional visitor and the other problem is that I can't bring a deer carcass back into NI on the boat so I need to be able to larder anything that is shot on or near the ground, and have an outlet for the carcass. There are some great openings on offer on this site at present but they are all a bit far to travel from the ferry so none of them quite fit my bill.

I know it is rather a lot to ask but thought that there is no harm in asking anyhow. I have DSC level 1 and insurance through BASC.


Paul times must be bad down the carron valley mate you seem to be desperate to take lots of money off people for little return ;) .The next time you take some one a walk instead of deer stalking remember they might come back to bite your ass :lol: :lol:


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Davie said:
.The next time you take some one a walk instead of deer stalking remember they might come back to bite your ass :lol: :lol:
any chance you can divulge on this further
not one to slate , but it might prevent some one wasting their time ,money and energy
sorry Paul but if Davie has any solid info here , then i feel we should all be aware, and so you should you just incase you are not aware
as word of mouth goes a long way in both directions
as i for one will not pay for a walk in the countryside when i can get it for free
if i take those out for payment and i feel they hav not had a good deal for their money then i will offer them another day just to make sure they hav their money's worth
i hope you carry the same standards
Thank you for your reply Paul, unfortunately I don't think it is quite what I'm looking for based upon the details you posted in another thread. As detailed I would be travelling from Northern Ireland and so would very much be an occasional visitor so it seems rather a lot of cash especially when it would appear that "trophy" animals are being reserved for others.

However, I'm still in the market and interested if anyone has anything else to offer, I'm willing to pay £1,500 if necessary but at that sort of money I'd have to feel that I was getting £1,500 worth of stalking and that seems unlikely in view of my travel problems.
Hi to all!
thanks for your comments. I have actually filled the three syndicate places within 2 days. I certainly do not take clients for a walk in the country but I do not shot everything that we see. I try and leave all middle age 6 pointers until they reach maturity and start going back. I am certailnly not desperate I take over 100 deer off with clients each year and also various other shooting activities.The deers welfare is my main concern. The person who wrote these comments I have never heard of and I have been doing this for 18 years. If any body on the forum would like a chat dont hesitate to post a message and I will reply as soon as I can
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So, Paul, you are saying you would still like Caorach to join your syndicate?

A couple of things:

"I have a syndicate place availible. This consists of 30 stalks ( am or pm). This includes carcasses.This is for cull bucks and does. It also includes two morning goose flights. This is £1,500 which works out at £50 per stalk. We can organise accommodation at £40 per night dinner, bed and breakfast. If you require any more details please contact me.

You have 12,000 acres, & take 100 deer a year off the ground with your clients, what number of deer could a potential syndicate member expect to take of the ground in a year from their thirty stalks?

I was under the impression with roe in forestry, the numbers taken should be 1.5 deer per hundred acres of woodland.

I could save up for a while, & have £1500 to spend on stalking, but the stalking would have to be spectacular.


Paul's ground is not forestry it is edge stalking and the farms were mainly in the fintry valley. Not that well known for its medals but dose i am sure produce a few . The other areas Paul has are over in fife or used to be i was told that ground was given up or taken not sure what the truth about that story was. I hope you don't take people a walk Paul and i hope that novices will be treated better than i was . I wish you all the best but please keep it real there are good hard working chaps on here who unlike your foreign clients don't have money to throw away. ;)
looked for your name on the last three years of medals couldn't find you look for the fintry carron area no medals :lol:
Hi Davie.
I shot a few medals per year most of them are with my foreign clients which are friends and have been coming for the last ten years. They like to take them home with them and most of them get measured in Belguim and Denmark. One of my syndicate members last year was very lucky our syndicate members do not pay for trophys, I was out with him and we got the oppertunity to shot a good trophy going back it was in the Shooting Times it measured 138.6, a good gold, It was in the top 15 in Scotland.The heads are always registered in the clients name ,not mine, which was Paul Fleming. As I was advertising for stndicate members and the syndicate is near Fintry I did not put all my other areas I shoot for deer, i have leases all over including Fife.
I would just like to point out that nobody has money to waste, including the foreign clients as the exchange rate has not been very good. I am out to try and give everybody a great experience. You will know yourselve nobody gets a deer every eime that they go out.
I wish you all the best for the new season.
Kind regards


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irrespective of how much land you have available, and how many deer trophy or otherwise you have taken, you are a commercial interest and are promoting your business via our website, I believe this is called advertising.

Now I normally get in touch with people via pm's or the phone and we get things sorted. I have tried this with you and in fairness you did ring me but I was in a bad reception area and the call failed. Since then I have called your number three times and left messages on all occasions, twice with the answering service and once with your good lady, asking that you contact me when it is convenient to you. Now I am reduced to leaving messages on open forum as it seems to be the only place where I can be sure of you getting the message. Please contact me,