Im looking for a left hand synthetic stainless (detach mag) in 243,can anyone recommend one ?,as most are right handed.
Cheers Darren


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You could alway get your local gunshop to order one in for you. I've got experiance with a Tikka T3 in .243 RH though but extremely pleased with it.


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Hi Jason,

Sauer do left handed models of all their rifles for an extra £150 according to this web site

I have had 2 synthetic stalking rifles - Ruger 0.223 stainless and a Sauer 202 0.243" Outback. I can recommend both. I wouldn't buy a wooden stock rifle now - easier to clean, less maintenance, lower expansion ratio and lighter than wood - only negative thing is they don't look as nice.


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Hi Darren

I know were they are a couple of left hand Tikka T3 in stainless/sythetic in 308, the guy might be able to get you a 243 if you ask and he charges the same as the right hand rifles. :lol:

I will pm you his number if you like.

Buy a Howa and save some money. From what ive heard the Sako/Tikka brand (Of which I have 3 Sakos) have got problems.
The Howa is a fantastic rifle for the money, even better value than Tikka IMO. :p



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To answer your original quwestion about left handed rifles....Tikka do now indeed do them left handed in most calibres and in s/s i have not heard any reports as to problems although quite a while back there was a report on an american site with pictures of a sako 75 s/s that had slightly self destructed, the details are vague and i can't remember what site is was.

You can also look at the savage range of rifles as they do lefties in most calibres as well and in s/s.
There is an RWS titan6 on guntrader in left hand s/s
Remington, sauer, heym, varberger, All do left handed rifles in 243 although these aren't available in s/s as a leftie.

Howa don't do left handers, shame though but don't be persuaded into buying a right handed weapon.

Dpending on your budget you could get something shipped in from the u.s as over there they recognise the fact that there are indeed a high percentage of us southpaws and alot of manufacturers do cater for us.

If you do settle on a tikka, check out the sportsmatch mounts that are available for it, If they're good enough for Accuracy international they should do the job, and at less money than optilocks.

I will have to dig out the article and link but several have blown up while in use over the last few years. If you type sako tikka rifle problems into google you will find some info.

I wont be buying another of either rifles now, but that is my choice. I was a die hard Sako/Tikka man but these events have put me off. :(



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In response to the Sako rifle blowing up.

The rifle concered was a .300 Win Mag stanless with fluted barrels, Rifle steal was a bad batch of steal sources from Estern Europe.

Rifle barrel peeled like a banana along the fluting and the action split in half. I believe Sako recalled all rifles made from this one batch of steal and all is now good.


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Christ, how many more times is that going to be dug up.
It was years ago, and dealt with immediately.

Presumably in 5 years time we will be advising people not to buy any petrol ever again, ever again as petrol 'has got problems' :rolleyes:
stuartp said:
Christ, how many more times is that going to be dug up.
It was years ago, and dealt with immediately.

Presumably in 5 years time we will be advising people not to buy any petrol ever again, ever again as petrol 'has got problems' :rolleyes:
Yes but bad Petrol wont take you face and hand off.

I dont know how old the article was, it was a recent link and the rifle was a .243, not the 300WM from several years back.

Regardless of the fact it was some time ago, it is still an issue. The Tikka T3 is a bag of S*ite, it has nothing that the trusty 595 had so I wouldnt go with that.

I was your right, but that was 5 or 6 years ago I bought my rifles my friend before the problems.

Sakos are the best out of the box rifle ive ever used, but I wont buy another due to their problems of bad metal.

I have to say that I think you're misinformed regarding Sako and their "bad metal", I own one, my 2 mates own them and have never encountered a problem, yes there was a reported incident a number of years ago, but that was quickly resolved, does any one know of any latest problems? I check the web on a regular basis and haven't seen anything?
I dont think im misinformed on the issue, if that was the case then the websites the links refer to were wrong. This is not the case.

It is my choice to decide if I think Sako/Tikka are not what they were, and ive owned several of each in the 20 odd years ive been shooting.

There were issues with the rifles and yes they were sorted. I still own Sako rifles but will not buy another for the reasons ive already stated.

The same problems could come to pass again and I for one dont fancy being on the end of a rifle blowing up.

One rifle blowing up is enough let alone several!

Scary stuff.
Hi Cal, sorry you feel like that regarding SAKO, I agree that it's bad business when a firearm goes up, but come on and be realistic, all manufacturers of all goods encounter some sort of problem at one time or another, I also agree that you wouldn't want to be on the recieving end but I believe you can never say never! As soon as there is a problem most manufacturers try their damndest to ensure that it never happens again, bad press is a big issue, and nobody wants it.