Syrus GSP


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So, He was one pup from a litter bred deliberately in Ireland, where one pup was picked out at 6 weeks and the rest left to rot in a shed.
The rest of what happened between then and when he was rescued does not need to be written!
I was glad to take him and give him the home he needed and I made the right decision as between then and now he has never let me down, I have let him down at times-because of illness I was unable to spend enough time training him when he craved the attention.
Anyway he's an old boy now, older then his years, because of his early upbringing he suffered some ill health and needed corrective surgery and that has taken its toll.
He has pointed so many deer for me I've lost count and he has found "lost" wounded deer on many occasions and been great on the moor and field on birds.
He is no wonder dog but he is an honest worker and a truly great companion.
On the last day of the Wildfowling season I took him out for his last hunt, he performed to the best ability only faulting in falling over due to his legs.
I shall miss his silly ways in the field, but will enjoy his company as always in the house and I think his retirement is well deserved. My only regrets are the facts that he is the youngest dog Ive retired and that I never caught up with the breeder. Photo is his last hunt.DSC01526 syrus resize.JPG


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Lovely write up I lost my best gun dog after been crippled with arthritis at only 6 yrs old. It’s full sister is still here now at 12 completely useless in the field and petrified of the gun even after several conditioning sessions. They really are/were chalk and cheese. Now is that nature or nurture they were both brought up doing exactly the same!!


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Syrus was a pleasure to hunt over. Amazed me with his ability to clear fences and pick up ducks after dark. The old boy has earned his place at the hearth, to be fed, petted, and snooze while having dog dreams of pursuit.