T3 stock to 695????


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I am sure this has been asked before but if you do have experience of fitting a T3 with long action bottom metal to a 695 what were the main issues.
What is the measurement between screws for the bottom metal? Is it actually not worth it - I was thinking of fitting a grs berserk or bifrost.
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you want to fit a 695 rifle to a T3 stock?

anything as possible
easier that way that the other way probably
695 flat base
T3 octagonal base

depends how much bedding material you want to put in

you can get blank GRS stocks for inletting


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All is possible with a wooden or composite stock. Gets difficult with an injection moulded stock. 695 is long action I presume might not be too far off T3. I wouldn't do it with the plastic stock.


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I know it’s a 590/595 vs T3 but this may help you with some of the pitfalls



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I don't think it would be worth it with a synthetic stock like the berserk or bifrost. You can buy the grs sporter laminate stock for the tikka 695.


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Thanks for the responses!! I think get another rifle is the way to go? Or just use it as is? Decisions decisions!