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Wanted: t3 terminator muzzle brake


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Hi all am after the titled item, if we have any New Zealanders on here maybe you know of a second hand one in 6.5 cal, a long shot but you never know :D
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Just looked at these
confused as to why they angle the ports forward
surely that reduces the effective gas redirection as much as a slight reward angle?

unless running very short barrels I have never felt the blast from rear angled or perpendicular ports myself

am actually in the process of having one made for my 300wm

rearward narrow ports/slots to maximise gas velocity and therefore resultant force on offer
18mm OD


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Yeah I noticed that too but looking how they tested the t3, t4 and t5 to measure report they are by far the most efficient, in all fairness the sako/tikka one was quite good, made for a 338 calibre isnt going to be as efficient as it could be if it was bored for a 6.5 cal


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I emailed them and had a couple of very helpful emails back, the t3 terminator is 256 kiwi which is £128 plus 50 kiwi postage with up to 7 brakes.havent done the maths on the postage, definitely worth watching the videos to see how efficient these muzzle brakes are, they gottabe the best, they make them for all cals and most usual threads,