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Today I found myself in a gun shop, surprise surprise, killing some time.

Just so happened that they had a stock of Sako’s and Tikka’s of varying calibres across the rage offered. Now, as a Sako owner, I have always been rather a snob about Tikka’s……Until today!!

I have taken a shine to the Tikka T3 Varmint with heavy stainless steel barrel. Having handled one and looked at it closely with a critical eye I have completely changed my view.

I’m looking to invest in a new rifle in .30-06
It is my belief that the heavy barrel will make shooting the larger calibre a joy rather than a light rifle that whilst being great to carry won’t be the most pleasant to shoot.

The Tikka has the heavy barrel but is also surprisingly, (light might be the wrong word) but not as heavy as I thought it might be, so much so that I would happily carry it all day on the hill without a second thought.

Does anyone have any experience with the Varmint? Any bad aspects I should know?

Many thanks



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T3 Varmint.

I took a friend down to York Guns a while ago to buy a T3 Varmint .243 stainless.
It is very tight in the chamber and does not like the re-loaded ammo I feed through my Sako HB Varmint and T3 Hunter .243s even though it has been full length re-sized.
I re-loaded his own once fired brass and sighted it in for him, he called today and showed me a picture of a young, barren Vixen he shot last night.
I thought he was never going to get it blooded !



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I have one, had been using my friends sako 75 hunter heavy barrel but could not justify the extra cash. after getting it, it comes up much nicer than the 75 (imo). got a jet z compact , harris bi pod, 8x56 S+B, black rings and stainless bases optilocs. Had a single set trigger fitted as well. i use remington 75 gr V max for foxes and remington 95 V max for deer . It groups well, very little difference between the 2 loads. Am still getting to know the rifle so in time we will become one, hopefully.
My mate who has used it, can get sub one inch groups at 150m
did have a neoprene sling but it felt a bit spongy so got one of those ruck sack slings from bushwear and it is more comfortable on long hikes.
Hope this is of some use.
Paid £710 + £ 180 for single set trigger


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I have the T3 super varmint which is the stainless barrel and action in the tactical stock in .243 also with the set trigger and its exellent been using RWS 100 grn in it with very good groups and no problems out in the field, well foxes, Roe & Sika have all fallen over.
Once the factory ammo is spent then I'll work up some reloads.
I have the 3 point sling that bushwear sells I think a couple of others sell it too very good bit of kit.



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I have the left-handed T3 Varmint in .243, which gives very pleasing resukts with factory ammunition.

I also used to have a T3 in .223 also, but sold it. Tikka makes good, accurate, value-for-money rifles - mine perform just as well as my Sako and Remington.


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good guns mine will shoot 1in or less with winchester amo at 100yards no problem trigger is good .set mine to 1lbs pull harris biypod and lupold scope10x40. have no problems with gun better than i expected from a out of the box gun totaly wipes the floor with the steyr prohunter it replaced
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