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Buying a moderator for my Sako .243
Have read up on all the options and have narrowed it down to one of these two. Have read that although you can partly strip down the T12 you can’t clean the baffles and i am under the impression that these are the areas that the gasses corrode. So my question is, what is the benefit of having a T12 over the well known and commonly used T8.
All advice most welcome!


i keep reading about how good other mods are compaired to the T8.
My t8 is five years old this year and is used every third week for foxing[ shoot with 2 friends] and then used on ranges.
it has no rust looks as good as new and so far has cost £ 50 per year inc barrel threading.
Both my mates have reflex mods and thers are older than mine but in the same condition


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Hi Splash,

I've got a Tikka Te in .243 and looked at everything. I endedup buying a PES T12 moderator. There good solid construction and slimline compared to the T8 so doesn't interfear with my sight picture. It is slightly quieter than the T8 and I can say this because I was on a range when a guy was shooting a Tikka .243 with a T8 fitted and me and a friend were both shooting .243 with the PEST12, Plus no metalic ring when shot just a loadish hiss.

If you have a look at the PES website all you have to do is give the baffle end a bit of a squrit with WD40 or the like and it keeps the carbon etc soft so when you fire it next it gets blown out.

Regarding removable baffles, got to ask yourself a couple of questions.

1. Why would you want to remove the baffles for cleaning?
2. How are you going to make sure that they go back in the same place with the same tollerance away from the path of a fast moving bullet?

The Reflex T8 is a sealed mild steal unit so can't be cleaned at all so unless cared for with the occasional squirt of oil can rot through if not looked after.


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I have a moderator with removable baffles. You simply put them on a rod and that lines them up for installation. I use the rod supplied with a Parker Hale .22 moderator. Works ok for .243. Make sure you note the order the baffles come out in and replace exactly the same way.

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So am I right in thinking, with the T8 you squirt a little WD40 on the barrel before you sleeve the moderator over the top and this will stop any corrosion to the barrel.
Is it also necessary to squirt a little down the moderator? I know oil left down the barrel can be dangerous not to mention lose bullet accuracy but what about the mod?
Jason was saying “give the baffle end a bit of a squirt with WD40 or the like and it keeps the carbon etc soft so when you fire it next it gets blown out.” This to me makes perfect sense but is this also applicable with the T8?


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No the gases don,t get to your barrel the mod sleeves over it andthe only full bore mod that i know of that comes apart totaly for cleaning is the Vaime and it fits the same way as the .22 rimfire even then the baffles are all joined together as one internal unit.I have the Parker Hale on the .22 a Vaime on my .223 and PES on the .17 and .308 and i have seen and heard the Reflex and well i think they are junk.

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Blued steel T12

Thanks everyone for your input. I am still not decided but would like to handle a PES T12 before I choose and even better shoot one but we shall see.
I intend to put it on a blued barrel with a wooden stock, so I’m quite keen to find a Blued version of the T12. I have heard that they have stopped importing the blued and only bring in the stainless, is this true?
If anyone knows where I can pick up a blued one, I would be very grateful if you let me know!!
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