Taget master


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Shocking bit of kit!

Bet that worried you :)

It's so good it's scary, very, very accurate when used with decent scales, I can't think of anyone who has one that isn't 200% happy with it.

It really is that good :D


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In my opinion it's the bees dangles.. Great bit of kit, wished I had purchased it as my first trickler. As mentioned just needs a good beam scale to work with it.


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Cracking bit of kit. Mine is paired up with a Scott Parker tuned beam scale. Stupidly accurate to the nearest individual grain/piece of powder.


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as above... fantastic piece of kit... it has been brought into the 21st century though... http://omegapowdertrickler.com/ designed with the help of the designer of the Targetmaster... they do an automatic version o use with a beam scale or a manual version to use with an electronic scale.. I'm using a Gempro 250 with mine.. accurate to 0.01gn.... it will weigh individual kernels of powder!!

Don't forget to buy a set of lee dippers too... these tricklers are not designed to dump 40-50gns of powder, it would take hours! use the nearest dipper to bulk load the pan and then set the targetmaster or omega off.

My only criticism... time and faff setting it up unlike say, an rcbs chargemaster which is ready to go whenever you need it!

jimmy milnes

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I have one also and wouldn't be without it, throw light hit the button and on the money every time.
I would also like to add though that the gentleman "and there is no other word for him" is an absolute gem, I got mine second hand and after 6mths the belt broke so I called to buy a new one, I explained that I had got it second hand and was over the moon with it but the belt had gone, no problem I'll bob one in the post foc !!!
While I've got you on the phone I asked would you please tune my beam scale as it's struggling to leave its rest unless I tap the table. He told me straight away how to solve the problem and my scale works a dream now.
Bit of a long winded post but really can't recommend these enough

colin jalland

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Thanks for the replies lads one will be on the shopping list soon ,i have a lyman charge master which will not throw a accurate amount when using large kernel powders so this looks like a better option .
Thanks Colin


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I have one too. I asked the man for a shop-soiled or ex demo to save some money. He sent me one that apparently had a molding mark or floor or something.Thing is though,I can't for the life of me see anything wrong with it. Top Man and top kit.
I have a marble tile or slab which I drilled in each corner and added leveling/adjusting feet. On the slab sits an engineers level which saves a lot of time setting up. For each calibre that I load there is a powder thrower set up on a stand throwing a light load into the scale pan and the TM tops it up. I wish I had never bought the the Chargemaster which is a faf to calibrate every time.


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wouldnt be without mine, I have tuned RCBS 5-10 scales and a Redding powdwr measure, i thow a charge with the measure and trickle it up with he Target Master.
IMHO much better than any automatic system.