Taking a rifle to NZ


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Hi all, I am planning a hunting trip to NZ for me and a friend and we wish to take my rifle with us. Has anybody on here done this before? I was wondering how to go about it, any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Apply for a license on line, simple as, but make sure the airline carries it and does not count it as your luggage, I am flyin Malaysia airlines 30kgs, weight allowance , so gun case and a bag.


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really easy as Taff says apply for nz firearms online then book your flights telling them you are traveling with firearms ammo separate to rifle and 5 kg max allowance. you will have quite a few emails from airline asking you to be early and the likes but all good, nz side they have thousands of folk going with firearms and its a way of life knowbody bats an eyelid in fact you will have people asking were your hunting and what species, we flew via Hong kong rather than usa


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Took rifles a few years ago, all straightforward and you get a visitor pass that lasts for a year. Tempting you to stay!! Just be aware as we had problems flying back out via Hong Kong. It was quite scary actually, we were in transit, and taken off the plane to an outside area where armed police with guns at the ready gave us a thorough questioning! There was a language barrier, they broke my friends rifle case, photographed, logged and measured everything, it was like they had never had anyone come through with guns before. It was Quite worrying at the time. I don't know what it's like going via LA.