Tale of two rifles....


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With a few Fallow on this farm the .270 covers all bases but with the crops all cut the easy food has gone, the light is first to go in the wood so I bailed out 10mins early which did work!

My thermal made short work off the fields on my dusk dash along the West side fields, I was 30 yards from the truck so legged it back then legged it up the track to just catch him standing ready to cross the ditch. high lung shot around 120 yds with a very clean caucus.


After cleaning him out the .243 NV set up came out of its peli case, I might name it the mushroom as it only comes out in the dark lol
Lots of hares on this farm so 2 next too or behind at distance is a pain, but I carried on, after 1/2 an hr a white hot blob went in and out of a cover strip 800 yards away....!
Wind was not great but you have to try, I managed to get 200 yards from a hedge then walked checking with the thermal, bingo it was still working the cover. Nice B&B front on shot 120+ yards.