Tame Roebuck?

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Back in the early eighties when I was a twelve or thirteen we went on a family holiday to south west Scotland. We stayed on a caravan site near Creetown which was bordered by woodland on one side. I remember seeing a Roe buck on the the site just adjacent to the woodland, and with my brother we slowly walked towards for a better view expecting it to run off back into the trees at anytime. Anyway we got so close we ended up stroking the animal and one or two more children joined us with the deer before he eventually moved back into the woodland. Even at the time I knew this was very unusual behaviour to say the least. I did visually check the animal best I could for any visible injury or illness, of which there was none apparent. In fact the Roebuck seemed in fine condition with that lovely red summer coat. We returned later with a camera but never saw him again during our holiday. I suppose it will remain a mystery whether the animal was a tame Roebuck living back in the wild or that there was indeed something wrong with him.


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An excellent story Mudman, I find that I can get very close to young muntjac as they seem not to have developed the fear of man at that stage. I once had a friend who swam out into Port Stanley harbour to get a closer look at a sealion. To our surprise it allowed him to stroke it and even played with him like a dog would with its master. My friend came back out of the water as it was rather cold as you can imagine. The sealion barked and thrashed about not wanting the game to end. Nature is amazing, I'll never get bored of it there's too much to learn and understand.
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