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Hi there,

I'm a Fashion design student going into my third year at Uni. For my final collection I would love to use UK based fur. For my dissertation I am writing about fur as a bi-product, and the benefits of using fur in modern fashion.

I have already contacted pest control in the UK and was shocked to find out that even though the meat is sold on, nearly all of the skin goes to waste and is disposed of. Considering the amount of culling which has to be done in the UK, including rabbits and such, this is such a waste.

Because of the law in 2002 outlawing fur farming in the UK trying to find UK fur through the normal channels is almost impossible which is why now I am looking into taxidermy and fur dressing though even here I seem to be coming up with little to no help (from just looking endlessly on search engines). Of course I understand that most of the furriers I have contacted get their pelts from abroad and are unlikely to give me any addresses to warehouses etc as it is so controversial to use fur, so want to keep their locations a secret.

I have looked into home dressing and although I would love to see how this process is done, and try it myself, my house mates have clearly said no to me doing this in or around our home. So now I am looking to find any enthusiasts who do or know of those who do fur dressing, be it deer, fox, squirrel, rabbit etc. Perhaps you know of a larger company who tans our UK 'pests'?

I usually live in the Surrey area, though my university is in Leicester, so either locations is fine and I am willing to drive also.

So to recap (as I know I've babbled on a bit..haha)
I'm looking for someone to help me with:

Finding a fur tannery/dresser in the UK (preferably in the midlands/south)
Finding someone who could show me the process of dressing (preferably if I could meet up with you)
Finding a source of furs I could use in my final project
Any other interesting information on the above subjects

EDIT: Thanks to sikamalc for correcting me, I am looking for DRESSERS not TANNERS..


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There are very few if any tannerys left in the UK. Besides it is not a Tanner you need as this refers to taking the hair off a skin for leather. You need someone who dresses a skin to keep the fur on, and the method and chemicals used for taxidermy dressing/tanning are different to those used for preparing furs for coats and leather for shoes and jackets.

Most rugs (ie sheepskin) are chrome tanned and that is a different tan to what a taxidermist would use which is still a syntan but the only one worth its salt (excuse the pun) is Lutan FN.

There are no tanners/dressers undertaking work for taxidermists in the UK that I am aware of. All taxidermists of any note in the UK underatke there own dressing/tanning work to complete their mounts.




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Thank you for the information Sikamalc!
As you can see, I am a little clueless when it comes to this, which is why I thought I'd better get some help!
This should already help me open up some new doors when searching online for more information.