Tasco Euro Class Scopes - Old and Good 'Uns?


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Was about to replace my scope as the current one is a Tasco Euro Clas 4x44. I'd assumed Tasco meant Trashco....

However when I went to remove it, I immediately realised that this thing was decent quality steel, and not the rubbish I've come across previously. Picture is clear, adjuster screws are brass and it's a good Duplex reticule.

Anyone know if these are any good? I've decided to keep it on at least until the rifle has been zeroed and maybe keep it if it's up to scratch. I'll be getting a 10/22 soon, so can use it on that if it's not good enough for the recoil of a .308.

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Euro class is one of the older Jap made Tasco scopes, and are easily on par with high end European stuff.
Well worth keeping a hold of it.
I sold a world class a few years back, and rue the day.


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i had 2 x 3/12x50 one GIVEN to me by a member of this site, and when i had it serviced and regassed it was spot on,

i too sold them on with rifles to step up too newer and better things,

i should have kept it.



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Glad to hear this, you may have saved me £400.... What a great site this can be. :D
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