Taxidermy restoration

Patrick A

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Does anyone know of an individual or company who are able to restore a fire damaged mount?

We had a small but destructive fire which has resulted in things being coated in a brown sticky film. I am not keen on being compensated for my Nyala (no they won't pay for me to shoot another!) and would rather have it fixed/cleaned. We've told that most of the clothes in the adjoining room are not going to come clean so the same applies to the head.

I know we have been lucky and we have lost very little and nothing of any importance or of sentimental value and the house is will be fine but that is beside the point!

Any suggestions will be gratefully received the insures are paying!

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Give Paul Taylor a call in Dorchester..

Hes sure to give some good advice if he doesnt take care of it for you personally

Good luck


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I would phone my Insurer for a recommendation
They will have encountered the problem previously

Patrick A

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The insurers have instructed a Fire & Flood recovery specialist and they feel that they will be unable to clean it, along with the other-half's handbags and irreplaceable designer dresses. I will try Paul Taylor if they want to trash the head and also maybe Clare Fowler who I know has done a bit of restoration.

The irony is that we do not want like for like or new things we want the old stuff clean!!

Thanks for the advice though.



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i can give the number of the taxidermist i use , i have just spoken to him about your situation and he can do restoration and cleaning no problem , specialises in south african game and mammals . and he is reasonably priced !!

let me know if you are interested and i pm you his number

​cheers lee


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Sorry to hear of your situation where you need to ask the question. I would also recommend speaking to Paul Taylor. I visited his workshop when he did a roe buck head for me and he would be able to give you advice as to what may be possible. Good luck in getting it sorted.

PM me if you would like his number.

Kind regards


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H R "Benny" Bennett, Hainford, Norwich.

He recently did a lot of restoration work for Holkham Hall.

His work is 1st class.


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I've used Bennett in the past but wouldn't in the future
I've seen Taylor's work and its first class, as is that by Colin dunton
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