Teague Chokes & Steel Shot


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I'm looking for anyone who has used steel shot through a gun converted from fixed choke to multi choke by Nigel Teague using thin wall chokes.

Basically I have such a gun, a Miroku 6000. The gunsmith I bought it from says steel is fine in it. Teague say no. Another gunsmith says no, another fine and so on.

Has anyone on here regularly put steel loads ie 30 grams no.4 etc through Teague thin wall chokes?

With the season looming spending several hundred quid on bismuth or tungsten for the fourth year running is not filling me with joy!


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My advice is to weigh up the cost of new chokes if needed
personally I'd stick with just two set chokes ie say quarter and half
then if you do get bad wear your only replacing those two

if Teague is saying no then he's the guy that makes them
but as you state bismuth and tungsten are very expensive
cheaper to replace two chokes if you have to one day than
pay a fortune for ammo

​Regards pete


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I had my Browning Trap gun teagued and specifically asked about steel shot and was told it was ok as long as you didn't use more than 1/2 choke. (Dont have to use steel so I dont though!)